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Extra tips for the Visualizer

  • Sometimes looking at a lot of questions with a lot of responses can seem daunting: get started by looking at each question separately and assessing what you see. Then delve into the response some more by combining various questions with each other and playing around with it to get the most out of your data.
  • Reading the stories is of course the easiest way to start your interpretation of the results!
  • When looking closely at a question, try out various classifying questions to see which one provides the most interesting picture. If there is more than one classifier that provides an interesting picture, duplicate the question and show both classifiers.
  • If you are in a hurry and would like to produce a report quickly, use the default options on top of your start screen to quickly select classifiers and defaults for all your questions.
  • When producing a report, think of the audience who will read it. Sometimes, it might make more sense to create multiple versions of the same inquiry for different audiences. Some questions and question combinations might be more interesting for certain audiences. Of course, you can also opt to show everything in one report.
  • If you have collected stories in multiple languages, don’t forget that in order for stories to be readable for all report readers, you need to provide translations of the stories. Unfortunately, no software in the world is good enough yet to translate stories and maintain their meaning, so these stories will have to be translated by you. A nice way to familiarise yourself with the stories! You can, however, easily import those translated stories back into Sprockler in the Designer under the 'Results' tab so that your audiences can read all stories.
  • Looking at results is best done with multiple people. This is also true for creating the report, using multiple eyes ensures that your report will be understood by all.
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