Get help with designing your questions and entering them in the online Designer


In the Designer module, you can, as the name suggests, design inquiries to fit your specific requirements and wishes. Sprockler is built around a few principles, which are reflected in the Designer module.
These are:
  • Encouraging storytelling. Truth belongs to many people, changes continuously, and is heavily shaded by each person’s incentives. Numbers can tell you what happened, but only stories can tell you why it really happened.
  • Enhancing story signification. When asking people to give meaning to their own experience, authenticity is enhanced and correctness and commitment of the respondent increase. In this way, it is possible to map the meaning of the stories.
  • Enabling sensible analysis. A collection of stories may disclose trends, threats or opportunities. Broad enough to inform strategic thinking (emerging themes) and real enough to provoke specific and immediate actions, it can convey a large amount of complicated information.
  • Easing the sharing of information. Sprockler's Visualizer automatically visualises the results of your story and data collection process. These results are viewed in an online interactive webpage, which can be protected with a password. This page is easily shared with all actors involved allowing quick information sharing and collective interpretation of the results.
This part of the manual is divided into two parts: formulating the questions for your inquiry and setting up your inquiry online. The first part assists you in formulating your questions and provides explanations about the various question types that Sprockler uses to get more authentic and reliable data. The second part of the chapter provides tips on how to use the online designer tool to turn your questions into a real online inquiry.
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