Sprockler Manual

App Collector

Since November 2020, Sprockler has a new app, called the 'Sprockler Collector'. If you still use the old 'Sprockler' app, we recommend you upgrade to the new app
You can download the app by going to the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices. Search for ‘Sprockler Collector’ and download the app.
On the app, you can run several inquiries at once. Once installed, it can work fully offline. This means that you can collect stories and data anywhere in the world, and are not depending on the availability or quality of your internet connection. You only need an Internet connection if you have changed something in your inquiry and want to download the new version or to submit responses back to the server when you start visualising your results.
Once the App is downloaded to your device, it offers the following:
1. Menu
At the top left corner, you can find the menu, which includes:
  • Inquiries
  • About
2. Inquiries Under the ‘Inquiries’ screen, you can find all the inquiries you have on your App (same as the start screen).
3. About Finally, under the ‘About’ section you can see our short introduction as well as our contact details.
4. Language In the dropdown menu in the top right corner, you can select the language you want to use.
Downloading an Inquiry To download a new inquiry, click the 'download inquiry' button at the bottom of the initial screen (‘Inquiry’ menu), enter the code you that have received by email or that you got from the Designer.
From the Designer: In the 'Inquiry Details' tab of your inquiry in the Designer you will find the different codes to enter. The testing mode will already be available but the Personal and Interviewer mode will only be available after activating the inquiry. Enter the code of the mode you want to use. For example, you could have a picture similar to the one below. In this case, the code ‘33eb2c’ is the one you should enter on your device if you want to download the Personal mode.

Responding to an inquiry

Once you've downloaded an inquiry to your device, you can start collecting information. You only need to download the inquiry you want to use once, it is not necessary to download the inquiry again when collecting multiple responses.
To start the inquiry and fill in the questions, simply click on the inquiry title and start filling in the questions. To go to the next question, click 'Next' at the bottom of your screen.
For open text questions, it is possible to record the answers as audio rather than typing them. If you have selected the option to record audio responses when designing your inquiry, the audio button automatically becomes visible when filling in an inquiry. You can press audio and then start the recording. Once finished you can press stop and save the audio to continue. You can also listen to what you have recorded by pressing 'play'.
It is also possible to add photos and pictures. It is also possible to include videos as responses. However, this requires significant space available on your device, please contact us if you wish to use this feature.

Finishing an Inquiry

When you finish answering the questions and are connected to the Internet, you can simply complete and submit your responses. If you are done, you can close the Sprockler app or you can immediately start collecting responses to the inquiry again.
If you are using the Personal code, you will only be required to add one response to the inquiry. If you are using the app to interview respondents, you can easily continue collecting more responses once you're done with one.
Working offline If you are using the app offline or have no Internet connection, the responses you collect on the app collector will be stored temporarily on your device. It is necessary to manually upload these responses to the server once you are connected to the Internet again.
On the inquiries menu, underneath the title of the inquiry, you will see a dropdown menu with 'Choose Action'. One of the options here is 'Upload answers'. Make sure you are connected to the Internet and select this action to send all the collected answers to the server. Then your answers will be submitted. You can verify whether all answers have been submitted by checking if there is a number underneath the name of the inquiry. If there is a number, this is the number of responses that have not been submitted to the server yet.

Other actions in the App Collector

The 'Choose Action' dropdown menu underneath the title of your inquiry allows you to do certain additional actions.
  • Start: Clicking this starts the inquiry.
  • Upload answers: This option sends all the responses that are saved on the device when collecting offline to the server, once you are connected to the Internet.
  • Clear current answer: This option allows you to clear the answers to the questions of the inquiry you have just started, allowing you to start anew.
  • Remove inquiry: This option deletes the inquiry from your device.