Sprockler Manual

Extra tips for the Collector

  • When talking with respondents, explain clearly why you are collecting information and what you will do with it. Ensure a transparent and safe environment where storytellers know what they can expect.
  • If people are concerned about anonymity and what happens with the story, you can tell them that Sprockler always processes its data anonymously and you can advise them to refrain from using names of people and places, especially when using voice recordings.
  • The Sprockler team has collected stories in many different set-ups so if you wish to brainstorm about what would be the most valuable way of collecting stories in your particular setting, please get in touch. We also have material you can use to train yourself or your interviewers to collect stories and use the tools.
  • Representation: Bear in mind that who you select for interviews can have an effect on what you can say with the data. If there is only one woman in your sample, for example, you cannot say anything significant about the difference between women and men.