Sprockler Manual

Adding new items

By clicking ‘Create new report item’, you can add a variety of new items:
  • Bubble (two bipoles): A bubble is a bipole matrix of two bipoles plotted against each other like an x and y-axis. For this, you select two bipoles, provide a title for the question and select the size.
  • Description: Add text to your inquiry, for example, to introduce your report or a certain section.
  • Image: Add pictures, graphics, cartoon or any other type of image to illustrate your report. Select item size and title. Upload an image and define the image display. Select cover to have an image as the first item of your report. You can select to have it in line with blocks or as a background image.
  • Link button: You can image a link to an URL in your report. Select the item title, size and colour.
  • Numeric: Shows your numeric questions or allows you to add numbers to your report.
  • Separator: A line to separate certain parts of the inquiry. Select size.
  • Spacer: Include an empty block in your report to space out your visuals or other items.
  • Title: Add a title to the report or add subtitles at any point in the inquiry.
  • Quote: Add a striking quote from one of your stories.