When you have formulated, created and tested your inquiry, you can publish it for use. To publish your inquiry, go to the 'Publication’ tab.

You can only publish your inquiry once you have activated your Designer and Collector with Sprockler credits. The activation of of both tools requires one credit. You only need to activate once for each inquiry. After activation you can make as many changes as you would like and continue to publish the new versions. It is possible that in your organisation you do not have the rights to activate the inquiry but that those rights are with the owner of the inquiry. In that case, only this person can decide what the Sprockler credits are spend on.

Once activated, you see a blue ‘Seal’ button. Press this button to seal your inquiry.

The sealing of the inquiry is of utmost importance. If you change anything to the inquiry, you need to seal it again. Sealing it automatically sends a signal to all devices currently using this inquiry to update this inquiry in order to make sure all are using the same version!