Sprockler Manual

Web Collector

The web collector can be accessed through a link in your browser. It works on all browsers and on all devices. You can access it by going to the link secure.sprockler.com/collector followed by the code for your specific inquiry.
You can upload photos, videos, audio and documents if they are in one of the following types txt, 3gp, avi, csv, gif, jpg, mov, mp3, mp4, pdf, ppt, wma, wmv, zip and docx. To start the Collector, you first need to make sure you have activated your inquiry. The test code can be used without activation, allowing you to have a look at the inquiry you are creating as you go along. But the personal and interview code require activation before use. You can find the codes on the ‘Inquiry Details’ tab in the Designer, under ‘Participation Codes’. From the moment you have created an inquiry, the testing code will be available there. These codes are the ones you can fill in in your app collector. To access the web collector, simply click on the code and you will be brought to the web collector web page or go to secure.sprockler.com/ collector followed by the code of your specific inquiry. If you click on the code, you will be brought to the web collector version of the inquiry you are making. The Personal and Interviewer codes will only be visible as soon as you create an inquiry but clicking on their links will not bring you to the web collector versions until you seal your inquiry. Clicking on it will yield the error message: ‘Sorry, but inquiry with code (your code) was not found, not activated or was already closed.’