Sprockler Manual

Extra tips for the Designer module

  • Try to use no more than 10 questions. Research shows that people start to lose interest after more than 10 questions.
  • Mix up your question types for variation, and keep in mind there is no need to use all types.
  • Remember to include an introductory text that explains why you are asking for stories and what you will do with them. More descriptive texts can be included throughout the inquiry.
  • Great sources for question inspiration are research and other types of information about the topic both official (such as company reports, project descriptions or programme proposals) and unofficial (such as interviews or chats next to the coffee machine). You can also ask us to consult the Sprockler question database.
  • Remember to think of the issue of consent, whether or not people allow you to share their story with a wider audience. You can build in an extra question, such as “Are we allowed to share your story with others? A. Yes B. Yes, but only anonymous C. No”. You can also add a sentence at the beginning of your inquiry that advises people to refrain from using personal names of people or places if they are concerned about their anonymity.
  • In case you are repeating inquiries, you could ask along the lines a question similar to the following: “Is there a question that you feel hasn’t been asked yet? Ask yourself the question and answer it.”
Last modified 2yr ago