Sprockler Manual



What is Sprockler?
Sprockler is a tool that combines qualitative and quantitative data. It is based on powerful philosophical and theoretical principles. The standard surveying tools usually gather mere statistics and thus omit the explanatory power of stories. This often leaves us with questions, such as: What is the context of someone’s response? What is their own experiences or interpretation? What does it mean for them, what is their truth? Sprockler uses stories as well as statistics and is, therefore, able to provide information within the context. Participants thus become true co-creators of the outcomes, they do not merely answer pre-drawn boxes.
The Sprockler tool consists of three consequent modules: Designer, Collector and Visualizer. In the Designer module, the questions and the overall process are created. Once the Sprockler Credits are purchased, the questions can be sealed and are ready for use in the next module. The Collector module then serves to gather the relevant stories and related data. And the Visualizer brings outcomes into a comprehensive, interactive online report, whose outline may be customised to your needs in order for you to help interpret and share your results.
This manual follows the structure of Sprockler’s modules.
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Happy Sprockler-ing!
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